Dear APCChE Member, I am pleased to welcome the Iranian Association of Chemical Engineers (IAChE) as Full Member of the Asian Pacific Confederation of Chemical Engineering. IAChE nomination was endorsed by all Member organisations at the APCChE Board Meeting in Hong Kong last Thursday 24th of August 2017. The objectives of the Confederation are as follows: a) To establish and maintain relations between organisations working in the field of Chemical Engineering and to promote human welfare through the progress of Chemical Engineering;   b) To organise the international congress of Chemical Engineering in co-operation with other confederations, societies, associations and institutions;   c) To promote the exchange of information and sharing of experience connected with Chemical Engineering;   d) To promote the interchange of chemical engineers in the countries belonging to the Confederation;   e) To promote the development and improvement of chemical engineering education in member countries.   I thank Professor Vahid Taghikhani, President of IAChE for his contributions to date. Regards, Shuichi Yamamoto President APCChE Professor, Yamaguchi University, Tokiwadai, Ube, 755-8611, Japan