Shuichi Yamamoto

Professor, Bio-Process Engineering Laboratory
Director, Yamaguchi University Biomedical Engineering Center (YUBEC)
Yamaguchi University, Ube, 755-8611, Japan

After completing his Ph. D study in the department of Food Science and technology at Kyoto University, he joined Yamaguchi University. He teaches basic chemical engineering, biochemical engineering, bio-separation engineering, transport phenomena, computer calculations for chemical engineering and process design. He is Director of Biomedical Engineering Center (YUBEC), which is one of the Centers of Excellence approved by Yamaguchi University.
His research interests are in the field of biochemical engineering (especially bio-chromatography), food engineering and mass transfer. He received a 2004 research excellence award from the Society of Chemical Engineers Japan on “Engineering analysis of chromatography of proteins” and a 2005 research excellence award from Japan Society for Food Engineering on “Drying of liquid foods and inactivation of enzymes during drying”, a 2016 SCEJ Award from the Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan” (the highest award) on “Studies on Separation Engineering of Bio-Chromatography. His chromatography model better known as “Yamamoto Model” and “Yamamoto number” has been employed by various biotech companies as well as by academic researchers. His diffusion-based drying model is also called “Yamamoto model” as well, and has been used by many researchers.
Currently he is President of Asian Pacific Confederation of Chemical Engineering (APCChE), and a Council Member of World Chemical Engineering Council (WCEC) as a representative of the Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan (SCEJ).